Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Time/Identity Crisis

Timing Is Everything


is a bandit
is not a line
is unlimited
is not on our side…

slips through our fingers
is neither cause nor effect
sneaks up when we are not looking
slides past with no effort or enthusiasm
slithers, crawls, meanders, disappears
condenses, contains, binds, releases
conspires, retires, convinces...
wearily on its way
as it drags its heals
never your way

heals some wounds
will outlive us
has no beginning or end
makes fools of us all
lingers at will
deconstructs atoms
does not respect our wishes

Too much time or not enough time, we never seem to have the right amount…
Are we just killing time until time kills us?

Can you actually waste time or is it far too infinite for that?
Does it matter if we matter? Does it really change anything?

Does analysing these things just make it worse, e.g. helpless/futile
Or does it just give us a bit of perspective

I like being in the warm sun… is moderation the key?
Damn humans, we have to know EVERYTHING!
(except for how sausages and laws are made)
Do we kill time or does time kill us?

Do abstract concepts possess whatever attributes we bestow upon them?
Father time, Mother nature, Zeus, Satan, Santa
they all serve their purpose

projecting our humanity
ignoring our frailty

ritualised societal constructs

What's your favourite time-related pun?

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