Saturday, June 16, 2012

Inherited Privilege

If I was being polite I would say monarchies are irrelevant, quaint or redundant.

Remnants of a time of 'Divine rule', powerful dynasties and dominant bloodlines.

But really they are a celebration of inequality and blind allegiance to authority.

Isn't it time for taxpayers to stop funding the lives of the rich and famous?

How can Britain justify spending so much on Diamond Jubilee activities for Queen Liz (...and the Olympics come to think about it), when they are in a time of grave austerity and can't afford public services. Raising the costs of tertiary education, reducing welfare entitlements, reducing corporate accountability, weakening labour protection laws. Deregulation for Murdoch mates and other stuff to help the banks and screw the masses. Everybody just laps it up. As if I needed another reason to hate Paul McCartney and all the other chumps on stage waving inanely and thanking the old dear. Ok that last bit is a tad overly negative, but really I am critical of the way the majority of the western world just swallows it all down. Classless warfare.

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