Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tango Bravo Lima

Unfortunately history is riddled with exploitaion, greed, slavery, corruption, colonisation etc... but the ones who are trying to tell you that are communist/marxist/socialist types that are only picking the bits of info that suit them... I guess it takes too long to explain, but they are right but the masses will never believe them!

a bit like the matrix, but it's just credit/debt instead of a plug in the back of ya head, but they may get the technology for that soon and give it a try...

But I guess that is not something you want to dwell on for to long, it's not the sort of thought that will get you through a hard day at the coalface. But I guess a challenge there for us to try and break the cycle, depending on your level of cynicism.

Power to the people. Right on!

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