Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Dark Passenger (laa laa laa laa lala lala)

Unfortunately, society/media is so focuses on current witch-hunts dredging the the past or over-reacting, while a new tragedy/atrocity is slipping through the cracks... reactive not proactive, we never understand culture, until after we have experienced. Is each generation just having a party and leaving their kids to clean up the mess? No one individually will admit it, but it seems that collectively we care more about markets than kids, commerce than poverty, success than protection, sorry to say, as it doesn't sound nice, but I think it would be better to have the conversation than just say nothing, we outsourced the mobile low wage jobs to our proletariat overseas, but keep our underclass in the first world, to bombard with lotto, alcohol... and other pollution that increases GDP...

Pros and Cons of being an over-thinker:

never get bored
good company for oneself

over analyse everything
can't control it

"...what the mind can do with itself when confronted with horrors it cannot dismiss and cannot change."

in a world of....

disagreements, denial, delusion, aggression, power hungry control freaks, chaos, arguments, scientific whaling, wild weather, franken-storms, debt, prostitution, bullying, rape, incest, suicide, murder, mental illness, addiction, death by fire, slavery, torture, terror, trench/tribal warfare, collateral damage, friendly fire, mass executions, female circumcision, abortion, euthanasia, vivisection, dismemberment, addiction, hangovers, infant mortality, global warming, explosions, abduction, sexual assault, king rats, Jimmy Saville, Joseph Frizl, Joseph Stalin, Adolph Hitler, Pol Pot, Leopold II, Idi Amin, other serial killers and power abusers, cancer, Ebola  aids, the next super virus, massacres, holocausts, famines, apocalyptic destruction, rampant consumerism, absolute shit, media saturation, novelty academic intellectualism, underground conspiracies, the disintegration and reintegration of the family, human-made catastrophes, and the potentially regenerative nature of human violence. Isn't a little black humour, deflection and deconstruction appropriate?

don't be so negative, it is such a turn off. Wash your mind out and fill it with nonsense...


Ms. Bloggy said...

Only if everyone was able to view life from this aspect. I admit most of us do, have, and will think this way. Nobody likes change, or so they say. Change can be great depending on how you look at it.

Great post.

Adel said...

Yeah sometimes it is better to just dont overthink so we will have results, overthinking leads to procrastination and not doing anything.

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