Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hyper Intuitive

Back by popular delay.
Read between the lines...

Partially unmotivated, totally undecided
sporadically confused (all reasons to vote)

opposing through existence
resistance to any force that gets too powerful
braving the onslaught, eating the brave.

Destruction by seduction. Unconditional corruption.
Distracted by stars, game shows and cars.
formulas of nonsense

More and more delusional... less and less equality.
political and social upheaval was fine in the sixties
but we've been convinced that revolution wrecked the world
blame political correctness and the civil rights movement
compare them with terrorism, communism and evil
philosophies that don't place money first
anything but the free market, privatisation, corporate greed
multi-national market forces set the price
so now if you can't eat... starve!

Don't believe the hype!
I can't hear what your saying...

De clutter my life (where to start? --> in the mind)
gears of time, shift in metal process. Pimp my cranium!

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Anonymous said...

I think this is great!