Monday, August 13, 2007

Service of Denial

Helplessness leads to compensation

flash bang
what is happening
it goes too fast at the time
what can I do
wishing you could stop it
Feeling like an observer
Token gesture
those you knew hurt
others flee
It's over
if only...
then afterwards you have all the time in the world to deconstruct what you saw, how it happened, what you could have done, what you didn't do. If you hang on to it, just that little too long... you hatch some plans to get your moment, and once you start you might not be able to stop, your committed your mind goes into overdrive. There's no point thinking of rational solutions you chose action. You can't put your shirt back on, once you've thrown it in the crowd, you better look like you planned to get bare chested. You've reacted, now it's you or them and then you just hope you have enough followers to avenge you, and try to build your gang/ faction/ clan/ cult/ tribe/government/ community/ militia group/ religion/ friends and family better bigger stronger fitter happier than the opposition... you get the idea, maybe? I think i'm gonna have to stop this one before I take the big step, or keep it completely under the radar... and I mean like that's all i'm gonna say even to you kind secrecy level. They better hope that something mellows me/distracts my attention/or gets me more angry, before I think of really funny (but completely legal and even safe) ways to exact my revenge!

FYI: I don't actually have a militia group or a government of my own (well maybe ones that represent me in parliament)...


Technocrate said...

what's all this about then eh?

Yossarian said...

...just a hypothetical example of how a grudge becomes a vendetta becomes a philosophy becomes a sacred duty... you get the picture.