Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Overly Dramatic Truth

Who is right? Who is left?

Want to get your opinion out?

(Don't we all?)

Then why not set up a special interest
or single/multi issue website
to preach your message out:
(as I have done)

Water Worries

The Devil's Pizza

Victory at all costs? <I do not agree with the opinions expressed here (or the videos)

Exit strategy now?

How can you fight against an abstract concept?

Apparently: We've already had one 9-11 we son't need another, but who's got the right answers to make the world safer, not just make certain militant groups less stronger. You're still going to have thosae under lying issues (e.g recent US foreign policy, support of Israel in Palestine, historical interpretations of past events, etc..) are going to make certain disenfranchised people commit horrific acts. Because just like hawks in the pentagon/whitehouse they believe their ends justify their means. Because they see authority abusing its power, or societies turning their backs on communities and other horrendous stuff that would make you start to hate and project that hate toward the enemy/other side. The different. The bastatdos.

In hindsight historically certain wars seem necessary and other don't. Really none of them are entirely necessary at all, but inevitable. Due to situations arising from conflicts of interest, lack of resources, (overpopulation?), intensive military build-ups driven by greedy arms manufacturers (supported by the Mass Media Murdoch Industrial complex markets) they are always going to happen. While the few control the many, and we live in pseudo democratic think tanks run by markets for outside profit giant pyramid scheme, all going to the top. What can be changed? What is always going to happen? Tyranny can be brought down, but is usually replaced by the devil you didn't know. Only time will tell. Can't we all just get along? Well no unfortunately it doesn't seem we can...

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