Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Random Lists #215

This is very unnecessary and odd but, I found some old bits of paper with random lists. Seems like the trend nowadays is to give you all data and let you filter out the bollcocks yourself, a-la wiki-leaks :

wiki leaks
Question: is the Swedish sex charge politically motivated?
Are we/you cynical or naive?

  • fly spray
  • bleach
  • spray stuff
  • cotton buds
  • toilet paper
  • laundry powder
  • dish gloves
  • clean and clear
  • vacuum?

Badge of Moral Superiority
Consolidation of Power
Dangerous Moral High-ground
Introverted Society
Crazy tough and phoney Brave
the human crack binge .com

Dig it?
  • I'm a lucky bastard
  • informative nighmares
  • semi-elliptical
  • birdwatcher cruise
  • painted rocks
  • dolphins on youtube
  • unspecified disaster
  • approaching tide

NB: Sorry I have decided to drop the quality filter slighty (citation needed) and just put lots of crap on here (more than usual), so just read the bits you like or find interesting :)

while everyone pretends they're organised
while everyone pretend they're on to it...

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