Monday, December 06, 2010

unrelated ideas mashed together

random lists hiding
papers on the floor
clean mind, dirty blog

make to do lists
control aspects of ourselves
share knowledge

wallow in your comfort zone
get back to reality
stagnate beautifully

transcend normality
usurp, discover, create
haircut (eventually)

stop evil, harbour light
invest in tranquillity
foster brilliance, co op justice

make background
follow up, non-work
plan, call, stress, book, go

defy orders, obey rules
embellish dreams, leave nightmares
subvert authority, do what is right

plan, visit, see, trek, view
beaches, coves, inlets, bays
make time for yourself

plant mint, paint canvas
alter things, get involved
make a mess, stylishly

grow gardens, trim tress
ignore some, focus others
flash mobs, duck sauce

quest for greatness
survival struggles
ordinary lives unfold

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not home right now
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