Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Challenge Inappropriate Behaviour


I think it would take many lifetimes (or at least more than one) to work this all out.

I mean really, it is a lot to take in, too much really. There are just too many people, opinions, artists, histories, ages, religions, etc. to really ever get to the bottom of things.

Doesn't mean we should stop trying to figure things out, to be observant or to seek knowledge.

But just realise that for almost everything 'truth' we learn, there can be a very convincing counter-argument.

So I think I know things and I will promote the knowledge I have or see to be helpful.

But my views are evolving continually, adapting to new things as I go.

I still like most the stuff I have put on here over the last eight years and although I think my perceptions are very different now, I still like my old posts and at least mostly agree with my observations.

Except for angry rants, but there is a time a place for those, as they can be necessary at times.

But probably better to focus thinking on something other than anger, as that inflicts on your own soul, just as much as the things you are against. better to try and keep it funny and not lose ya cool.

Even when you watch the news.

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