Friday, May 17, 2013

For Promotional Use Only

Recommendation of the week club:

Find four* new albums that you haven't heard before, but are pretty sure you will like, because (for example) you have already heard a single off them you really like or had it recommended to you  by a friend or algorithm (e.g Pandora radio). Smash the shit out them (not literally, just play them to yourself all the time, or however much you have time to listen to music, headphones can help with this) cycle through  them, until you can't take them any more and you're almost getting  sick of them (or maybe just before that point). Basically when you are familiar with them and starting to feel like something new(er) Then find four* new albums that you haven't heard... la la la etc.  THEN: repeat the process until you don't want too. Don't worry you won't run out of music. There's plenty of it in the world. There is far too much to get through and never enough time to filter through and find all the greatness. So might as well get into it eh?

NB: The word 'new' in this context doesn't mean brand new 2013 hot-off-the-press-type tunes droppin' on the D-floor shenanigans, just 'new' as in new to you, for example an old Bowie, Hendrix or Lennon album you never heard before, for some strange sad-but-incredibly-true reason, that you can only talk about in private. Whatever I'm not trying to be nosey, it's your life...

*Four is just an approximate really as the actual number is still up for debate.

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