Wednesday, May 08, 2013

What Can't Vinegar Do?

9 out of 10 boring old house-husbands find the following links exciting and/or things they already knew, but didn't want to advertise or talk to plainly about, because of certain pre-contemporary societal stigmas attached to the recurrent themes of male nurturing and growth of spirit related to sentences that are far too long and lack correct punctuation; possibly badly translated or written by those with English as a second language; or for undefined satirical purposes that parody things that don't exist, in a subversive way that undermines everything you ever held to be true, undisputed and not open for further discussions:

Which doesn't really directly relate practically in many ways to....

10 Mind-Bending Discoveries In Physics:

Cut and pasted from: {[this site]}

Time Stops at the Speed of Light

Quantum Entanglement

Light is Affected by Gravity

Dark Matter

Our Universe is Rapidly Expanding

All Matter is Just Energy

Wave-Particle Duality

All Objects Fall at the Same Speed

Quantum Foam

The Double Slit Experiment

Just go with it...

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