Saturday, November 12, 2011

Keep It Unreal

The ABC of Nonsensical Alliterations:
(A through H edition)

  • Angry amphibians analyse ancient allegories, against artificial accusations alleging accidental acrimony.
  • Bored Bohemians blatantly berate bemused behemoths, belligerently baking befouled brownies.
  • Cautious caretakers carefully clean constant crumbs, colloquially convincing crazed corpses completely.
  • Dignified digital downloads don't delay dainty dinosaurs, designing distant demographics detaining diplomacy deliberately.
  • Egregious elephants eating eggplants endeavour elegantly, engineering enough elements emissions everyday.
  • Futile fundamentalists fixated for funerals, fund feudal females financially fighting fraudulent forecasts faking florescent flows.
  • Glorious gentlemen gainfully gravitate generosity, guaranteeing glamour grows gradually gregarious ghoulishly.
  • Hedonistic hypochondriacs hyphenate heroically heralded hyenas, hydrating hypnotised hypothesises hyperbolically.

Basic Pattern: Adjective noun verb adverb noun, adverb adjective noun verb adjective noun
(I think?) Not always used, but great guidelines gallantly garrotted generations grown goat gains gender generally garnished.

Sorry if you actually wanted meaning, by the way...

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