Monday, November 21, 2011

Mouth Sounds for Your Ears

Something not to think about, because it's really just sounds...
Just think of it as mouth practise and brain pause...

How fast can you say it without blinking?
Other random facts to convince you!

Red herring or wild goose chase?
Polished up nicely, logic chills.

Skills pay bills
Thrills spill

And so forth...

finger linger
linger longer

binger singa
singa songa

longer bunga
bunga bonga

ringer dinger
dinger donga

hinder pinder
pinder ponder

hinger pinger
pinger ponger

minder pinder
pinder ponder

simba swimba
swimba swamba


(NB:) Not something you need to read yo:)( Sorry if you thought that was totally pointless... but I find it fun to sound out nonsensical sounds at times of exuberance or cataclysm, deeply from the bottom of the dodgy comments (not yours) that I get, that are very complementary (not free, but positive) in a vague way, that try to plug their own blog or product. Yes we can all see through your manipulating commercial lies! but I like billboards though and I have been putting up a few stickers lately (that may show later). That sort of thing really. You know the usual stuff that no one else really gives a stuff about (sorry kids for the swear). I guess I just want to contribute, in a prolific quest at achieving complete mediocrity on all levels.)

(I had a nice barbecue feed today in the sun and got burnt slightly, remember cancer kids, don't fry your skin into leather, unless you really want to. But that's just another summer dilemma wanting to distract you from the real issues in the tabloids, like celebrities and sideshow carnivals;)

(Sharks and Nazis.)

(Context and sense be damned.)

(Obscure references to annoy everyone!)

(Self indulgent mind vomit designed to record nothing.)

(Blessed by your life and legacy in this universe for eternity.)

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