Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Trip to The Moon

Wires Crossed

Brain Explosion
Mind Flip
Thought Burp
Theory Fart
Mental Vacuum
Cerebral Meltdown
Consciousness Crossfire
Critical Error
Epic Fail

...on an unrelated note, I heard a radio review today of the new Lou Reed/Metalica album. It didn't seem like my cup of tea. The bits I heard sounded like they might be for an acquired taste and apparently other reviews aren't that great. But oh well Lou Reed has been on his own trajectory for awhile now, so any true fans he has left might be keen on some masochistic art rock. I didn't need another reason to hate Metalica though, I was never really into their music (full disclosure: except for maybe one or two songs from the past if I were really drunk) and we may still have Napster if it wasn't for old Lars (well probably not but I still thought he was a right wank about the whole thing). Some kind of fucking ego monster alright, but not one that I want to subject my ear holes to...

But I have to also admit I am currently as writing, listening to the Trainspotting Motion Picture soundtrack (playlist to follow) (another example of a movie which I should probably read the book, but I don't think I will cos I have heaps of other shit I want to read, but I won't get around to because of the internet and other excuses), which includes the song Perfect Day by Lou reed, which I like.

1."Lust for Life" Iggy Pop5:15
2."Deep Blue Day" Brian Eno3:58
3."Trainspotting" Primal Scream10:36
4."Atomic" Sleeper5:11
5."Temptation" New Order7:02
6."Nightclubbing" Iggy Pop4:15
7."Sing" Blur6:03
8."Perfect Day" Lou Reed3:46
9."Mile End" Pulp4:33
10."For What You Dream Of" (Full-on Renaissance Mix)Bedrock (feat. KYO)6:30
11."2:1" Elastica2:35
12."A Final Hit" Leftfield3:17
13."Born Slippy .NUXX" Underworld9:46
14."Closet Romantic" Damon Albarn3:09

(source: Wiki, cos I can just cut and paste easy, see it still has links.)

Diplomacy prolongs supremacy

Do I need a new catchphrase?

Go back and look, I never really tried to make sense to you.

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