Saturday, March 31, 2012

Capture the Flag

...greater good my ass!
we all in it for the fame, wealth, status, kudos...
you got it the money...
self-aggrandizement, the usual.

we're all against each other...
divisions, tribalism, factions, the elite
isolated pockets of snobbery
out of touch with the real world...
common folk and their revolting decay.

unable to access even modest...
ostentatious displays of wealth
or way to tell everyone to get fucked.

we have it, you don't
we spent it, give us more
too bad, it's gone

the rich don't wanna share
the poor take til it hurts

sweat it out
take a concrete pill and harden up

workers of the world invite...
credit cards, banks, markets, government and the rest
to rule over us stylishly

with awesome news channels
with the best celebrity updates
that's current affairs baby!

analysis of fashion trends
the nitty-gritty questions
and other ways we can spend more

fuck the less well off, they deserve it
orphans, how did u lose both parents...
bit suspicious isn't it? or just careless

sick, tired and/or elderly...
we have pills to sort that out

the huddled masses
watching through the windows...
see: game shows, teeth whitener, fake tans

reality is sponsored by breweries
the implied solutions can be bought
big TVs, alcohol and a constant stream...
of 24-hour infotainment devoid of journalism
or facts, charm, integrity, courage

after the break
something to keep you tuned in
sustain your interest through the ads

has to be new and fresh for our cynical souls
irony is invisible to those inside it

here are some new ways to think/control you
but they are very similar to the old ones
so don't get your hopes up

this just in: follow the leaders or pay the price
did you see what she was wearing?
followed by sports and distracting statistics

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