Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Professor Professorson

Creativity and Authenticity…

Are these things to strive for?

Well I would say yes, but modern society/culture doesn’t seem quite so sure…

The other challenge is to do so without being…

Pretentious and self-indulgent

a challenge for some

What does it mean to exist right now?

Positive thoughts/thinking

Looking at the bright side

A grateful perspective

Remembering it could have been worse


If you believe it, you can make it so

We create our own reality daily

From the unconscious to the conscious

Positivity attracts positivity
Negativity attracts negativity
and vice versa

Message I got from a fortune cookie today:
"Win with humility; lose with grace"
simple but affective and easy to forget...

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suzana said...

very much like this. The answer to your question: what does it mean to exist right now?... simple, don't just exist, LIVE. What is existence without living? A mere petty existence anyone can pursue, but to live, few can achieve.