Friday, March 16, 2012

Spiritual Transformation

Transcendental Mediation
Transcontinental Meditation
Post-modern Speculation
has nothing to do with this...



It’s all about perspective eh!!

There’s only one person that can decide how you feel and that’s you!

So I have decided to feel good and be positive about all the opportunities I will get

If I feel sad about it, then it just isn’t gonna help anyone, especially me!


Yeah well I am not saying it’s easy…

But some days you just feel ‘good’ for no real reason

But of course other days you feel bad for no reason aswell

Other times there are plenty of reasons…

But underneath it all the choice of how you process/deal with it

Is a choice that we have… we choose our perspective and so that dictates our moods…

But I guess I don’t get periods though,…

so I can’t judge how I would ‘handle’ the feelings that they create…


(she agreed:)

Think it’s a matter of constantly reminding self of the fact that there is a choice on how you deal with how you feel…

Haha, yeah well, I guess it’s one of those things, it’s almost like women are given an ‘excuse’ not to deal with how they feel at that time… cos dealing can be hard! Heh J

We are just on a constant path of self-improvement / awareness etc!


Yes that is a good summary of it really!!

We get so distracted with detail and trivialities, that we forgot to choose how we feel

An let ourselves fall into old habits of negativity and pessimism unnecessarily

so there

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Kamlesh Bhatt said...

wonderful and well said ....