Sunday, March 11, 2012

Joint At The Hip

oh ironic
drugs increasingly coming in
to high demand luractive markets
because laws focus on symptoms
of addiction and abuse
never the causes of dependence

high prices just compound issues
and reward the people you're trying to stop
laws making them illegal
only increase the street value
shouldn't we let market forces decide
and not interfere in the market
by placing restrictions (e.g. bans)
on products

but ohhh i forgot you can only
use market forces as a justification
of proverty, starvation and price-gouging
not for aguing that although
drugs cause many problems
making them totally illegal and unregulated
is obviously not helping
I would like to see studies that
compare periods of prohibition
to other times when items are legal
just to see if people actually
use contraband more
when it is deemed
outside the law

ban sale and importation of certain narcotics
but sell liquor at the local shop
and target the youth demographic
dope the masses, only with taxable evils
the gangs will sort the rest

if the demand still exists and not confronted
then what use trying to restrict supply?

sorry we can only use that argument in regards to fossil fuels...

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