Sunday, April 13, 2008

Stagnation and Subtraction

The routine of no routine

calling coming leasing
fleecing ready or not
over and out burger
in box message station
zero zero brava alpha
liquid tango roulette
origami rice
paper lesson tray
movement scenario
enlargement stoppage
quote miss mass
bliss wage gauge
lounge found port
pound nought sound
rout sunk cost
reap roost coitus
loss boss rigor mortis
Charlie kilo flamingo
beetle sequel leakage
orgy scandal cover up
denial rumour postage
lawyer task force removal
pending approval secret
manoeuvre function
void vacuum

Ideas change everything

urbane justice
guilt complexity
country mile
execution style
stand and deliver
we are together
lightning rod
wrecking ball
surface tension
action response
lacking results
enjoyment selective
deployment tentative
negative reinforcement
remote access
preventative practise
producing slackness
denied development
artistic embellishment
polish and wit
seeing red
breakfast in bed
dragon breath
life causes death
cultural methadone
we are alone

there is no I in rehab

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