Monday, April 21, 2008

World Demands Oppression

progress is a fine thing, the trouble is it went on too long...

...clichés (that we need sometimes)

The grass is always greener...
it all comes out in the wash...
out of sight out of mind...
Cat got your tongue?
do the best you can...
get over it...
you do...

(lyrics I'm borrowing for non-argumentative purposes...)

...there is no perfection, that's an inane flawed theory..
...this is not scare scaremongering, this is really happening...
...I ain't got no enemies but, if you test me I will retaliate...
...the only love we have is love for ourselves,
we bury our secrets in the garden...
...soul on the mind, mind on the soul...
...miles apart, inches away...
...I am the son and the heir of a shyness that was criminally vulgar...
...due to lack of interest tomorrow has been cancelled...

(Words taken away from each other then put together)

Turbulent Systems
Unruly world
equations of motion
concepts of invariance
quid pro quo
game theory
man in decline
in flux
happen stance
bland suburban mulch
the good life?
empty and innocuous
pleasant gloom
never be too happy
all work and no play
routine and methodical
ancient and abiding
dominance and territory
margin of error
criticise thyself
continuous change
moving target
unseen manipulations
smokin' dak out the back(in')
we could pack a fat sack(in')
motivational lack(in')
lost desires attack(in')
but don't crack(in)' no flack(in')
if you dunno jack(in')

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