Saturday, July 09, 2011


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comic sans italicised

easier is better?
complex is more substantial

certain types of difficulty can actually be beneficial

disfluency could improve learning

from rnz:

making something harder to read helps you remember more information

making things harder to read makes you remember more of the information.
So giving someone a textbook to read in a subtly unusual font will help learning.
It sounds a bit wacky
but it's been trialled in schools

and is an idea

that's being taken seriously.

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iwritewhatisaw II said...

"Complex is more substantial" I take Calculus(or precalculus/maths 1)4 example, it is freaking hard to get an A in this subject and it is core! But, seeing all those numbers and notations every day, made me fall in love with it. And just to share it with the admin, in my last quiz, I get 14 1/2 upon 15 marks!! A huge improvement to me....