Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Foreign Accent Syndrome


A 67 year-old woman of Blenheim who has never left New Zealand, has developed a rare condition after suffering a stroke in 2008. She now speaks with either Irish, Scottish or American accents randomly all of the time, due to the affect on the left side of the brain, which controls language.


"The impression of an accent is conveyed by the cluster of speech characteristics a person exhibits, such as prolonged vowels and alterations to speech rhythm patterns."

Q: When does an accent/colloquial phrases become a dialect?

NB: Rhythm is quite a weird word if you look at it, only a 'y' for a vowel in the first syllable (which ain't too rare), but definitely nothing but consonants in the second.

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iwritewhatisaw II said...

poor that old lady...but I think it's not that bad anyway. At least she still can talk.
You should put "cool" for your remarks..maybe not. And thank you for sharing.