Monday, July 03, 2006

All Intensive Purposes

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Chuck it all in and see what happens…

When Mr prolific cooks you dinner you eat what is on your plate!

Even if all the ingredients are beside your plate…

You can decide if these are your greens or your dessert?

I’ll decide what tastes nice, thank you!

< < <
Gothic Proportions.
Transcendental mediation.
> > >

Check the eclectic!

It’s all about the Fusion (or lack of in some cases)…

< < <> > >

Pathetic attempt:

It’s not funny or meaningful really, so pretty symbolic of most of the crappy editorial cartoons that pass for opinion these days. Usually just stirring the pot, aye!

Absurd is the new ironic!
Artists don't finish their work they abandon it...

Red heads not war heads,
Blonds not bombs…
Brunettes not fighter jets!

Hope your systems are function to a good degree of their potential, at least in the medium to short term. I mean as long as someone carries the torch, the rest of us can go down to the pub. Responsibility is for the strong and the weak, ya know?

1 comment:

Tim said...

Don't know if it's just supposed to be humourously ironic or what but the phrase is actually "for all intents and purposes" although it's commonly missaid. Mossad. Cool photos anyhow - I miss home!