Monday, July 10, 2006

External Monologue

Ideological Epithets

the Journey of life…
as difficult as it can be,
simple or as complicated as you want it to be?
it is all about choices
do you want it easy or hard?
obviously it is more than two choices
or we would know which options we wanted
based on accumulated preferences,
we’ve been saving up, for some time.
more like an array of choices
that all interweave together
I fear that until we as a society/civilisation
can come to grips with the subtlety of compromise,
we are doomed to lurch violently
from one extreme to the other.
or accept other opinions/worldviews
that are always going to exist

changing how you feel,
will soon change how you think,
then eventually how you act!

The Masks We Wear.

I am the end product of many millennia of Western versus Eastern traditions, all nicely packaged and injected directly into your debit balance. Market devoid of research. Complete ignorance of entire scenario. We can’t punish the person responsible, so let’s take it out on those nearest us? Well we are anyway… Managing to shield those just out of reach. Revealing titbits to nitwits, exposing small faults around your folks, but no one quite gets the ‘full picture’.

Inexplicable Rage.

Hypothetically speaking… if I think someone (or some people, that in the past I have had dealings with) doesn’t/don’t like me anymore and I think they might want to kill me (but I don’t really have proof). Can I go over there and kill said person (or imprison them), take their stuff. Live on their land for a bit, with the remaining family, telling the wife and kids that they will be in charge when I leave. By the way, I’ve told the police all about it and they don’t mind because I donate more to their budget than anyone else. Well I told them what I was going to do, well before I did it. They didn’t really think I should, but in reality I have far more firepower than they will ever have, so their authority is just a rubber stamp/running joke. My authority seems to have surpassed theirs now anyway. Some others (the ones I bribed or bullied) are helping me clean up. But some pulled out after the kids attacked them. Damn kids. Don’t they know it’s a liberation not an invasion?? They should be more gracious! I let them have free elections, and I haven’t even killed their dad yet! (his lawyers are dropping like flies!) Bloody ungrateful little bastards! What was my question?

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