Monday, July 24, 2006

Obscurity (here we come)

Soul Laid Bare...

In an effort to win back my loyal fan base, and encourage people to linger longer than one minute, I have decided to get more personal, put all my cards on the table so to speak. I have not decided when this change will take place yet, but you can be sure that it may…

Hi! I’m me.

Here’s a quick background:

  • Likes: Chewing Ice, predicting future events.
  • Early days: I used to be obsessed by Mad magazines when I was an adolescent.
  • Dislikes: People who refer to events which occurred in 2003 as ‘ancient history’. Rising death tolls.
  • Fondest Memory: Arrrhhh yes, that right, that was fun!
  • Religion or Science? Which ever finds the truth.
  • Mystery: Do other dimensions exist?
  • Possible band name: Spottlebong
  • Heat: The only thing that kills germs?
  • Good or bad? Both have their uses.
  • Question for the day: Can Super Pacman eat through walls?
  • Who will win? The survivors (if its still worth living)
Highway to Oblivion: Keep on with blistful Irrelevance or be part of changing peoples minds?

Phoned in... I can tell he's still not putting much effort in ohh well we will all be forced to come back later to see if what he creates was worth all the wait.

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