Sunday, July 02, 2006


It is what you find important
(you see...)
with so much to choose from or to be exposed to, what you find exciting is based on what you have liked so far. So if you find something boring, it may just mean that you don't know enough about it. Or you don't have a childhood experience to connect it to. Therefore everything is potentially brilliant depending on your personal link to it. Wider culture is just a larger scale version of an individual phenomena.
-----------------------------------)>Knowledge widens enjoyment!
Mini-note of as always near seminal importance that you probably have already debated in your own mind on past occassions. Equality is non existant.
Much truth is said in Jest.
Were all gonna die (eventually)
Everything I know is wrong.

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Ronan said...

We should start a band!!!

I'll be the drummer and you can be the MC...

Wha'd'ya say???