Tuesday, July 25, 2006

You cannot kill what does not live (but you can discredit it in the media) V2.01beta

One liners for sex addicts who hate other people...

Which side of the bread is the butter on?
Living in My Duality: At Least I admit you're wrong.
We are well aware of the depth of feeling, it just doesn't matter.
The news was greeted with mixed emotion; you could literally hear the relief.
World war IV here we go (disclaimer: may never eventuate in reality)
you can't bomb a whole country to find two soldiers can you? Wanna bet?
It will be strange to wake up in my own bed.
one incident in particular has caused controversy
Frank Hurley may have been a brilliant fake!
Slogging out opinions, like a drunk in an old folk’s home!
(in a) Simile factory
We're all gonna die (eventually) but do we need to care?
It wasn't what they wanted to hear but it was expected.
If you see no value in human life then your life may not be valued...
No opinions withheld, until your wasted.
we never intentionally target civilians. those bitches in the wrong whare.
that will teach 'em. everything i know is wrong.
Is it better to overthink or underthink?
physically and mentally exhausted. what no ceasefire?
The past is/was fun if we focus on the good bits.
I wanna learn 3 languages simutaneously: Maori, Spanish, French.
I like history, even my own.
See ya tomorrow, by bye buy.
Babies drive cars (in adverts)
I heard about a killers car found by a church, how many churches can find cars?
There is nothing to fear but Chuck Norris Itself.
Inversion theories; was now it ain't, transverse vector.
complete scare tactics
Jump on the team for the big win champ!
Lesson for today: You = Bad ; Me = Good.
building nothing out of nowhere.
Unknown inspiration, didn't help much...
It doesn't sound as good when I tell it, but I had a great time!
Beautiful mechanisms for the evasion of responsibility and guilt (redemption/can you put that in Google?)

If you don't like it... come back later!

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