Monday, July 17, 2006

Capital Gains

Esprima Senza Parole ...
(histoire en photos)

I'll let the photos (and my words) do the talking (squawking)...
these are all the really crap ones I took
not gonna show you my good ones!


Guilty as charged
trial by media
monkeys with typewritters
levels of inconsistancy

Might is Right?

I did what i was told 'til I could tell others what to do
can you force cooperation?
or will they just pretend to what you want 'til it no longer suits them
you have to want to help someone
or you won't really do what is good for them
or respect them

"Theres no motivation like hatred"

"When there is pride in your work there is arrogance"

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Tim said...

I fear your blogs slipping into obscurity- a couple of posts about what you're actually doing and your trip to welly wouldn't hurt..?