Thursday, March 29, 2007

Athens of Otago

I had to go to Oamaru the other day...
It's not necessarily somewhere you by choice.
I learnt a few things on my journey...
I had previously thought that Omma's was basically your last chance to get fast food on a car journey to Dunedin. The reason I had to go down there was a prolouge to an earlier story. I was to be a witness in a Coroner's inquest. Which is not really too difficult itself, I just stood in the witness box while the cop read my statement, then ask if I agreed. A pretty small thing to do seeing had to travel 8 hours on a bus to get there and back. Seeing I was there for a good few hours I went and had a look at the historic precient and found out about it's history. It is actually pretty cool, if your into Victorian buildings made of White stone. In fact if you get turned on by New Zealand pioneer heritage preservation, its a bit of a wetdream. But although it has a almost fully preserved area filled with Victorian buildings, I wouldn't have wanted to be there too much longer. But I might stop a little longer next time I drive to Dunedin.


Population: 15,000 (approx.)
Nickname: The Whitestone town

By the way it was her fault.

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