Sunday, March 18, 2007

Operation Eclectica

Random Word Jam:
Which may or may not have segments explained at a later date...

come together
Float down stream of consciousness.

knowledge, puzzle
village, community, greed
power, isolation, corruption
temple, wealth, ecstasy
warehouse, jigsaw, oil
filth, rotten, evil
silence, pain, death

corporate propaganda
unattainable ends
sh*t-face commericalism
ultra-hyper-mega discount
free-market masochism
Hollywood hogwash
elitist orgies
feminist hygiene
male indifference
Islands of wealth
masses of poverty
untold suffering
secret alliances
deceptive ideologies
worldwide obsession
local shock and awe

target demographic
passionate destruction
deliberate confusion
pervasive misinformation
moon bat Apocalypse
victimless success
criminal negligence

Flow with the current...
fall apart

We all live together on a little round ball.
and deals are made...
-==--==- -==--==- -==--==-
with a book on my own...

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